9:00 > 10:15
HSBC - Sustainable development: no more choice for all stakeholders : corporates, institutional investors, financial institutions

Media breakfast

> Main topics

  • How large corporates, SMEs, banks and asset managers effectively contribute to the green value chain – new global HSBC report launch
  • Update on the green bonds market with the participation of:
    - Graham Smith, Director Sustainable Finance Unit, HSBC UK
    - Frédéric Gabizon, Head of Debt and Capital Market, HSBC France
    - Victoria Clarcke, Head of Sustainable Bonds, HSBC EMEA
    - Pierre Sorbets, Head of Public Sector, HSBC France

> Venue HSBC's headquarters at 103 Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris

> Contact RSVP : sophie.ricord@hsbc.fr, amelie.rivenet@hsbc.fr

10:30 > 14:00
Mirova – Sustainable Infrastructure Forum

Workshop and Cocktail

> Brief

As part our overarching responsible investing philosophy, Mirova has committed to channel financings towards essential green and sustainable infrastructure projects most likely to address the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development – be they economic, social or environmental. At a time when the leading infrastructure community meet together for the Paris Infraweek 2017, we believe it is our responsibility to take a stand and put sustainability at the core of the debate. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to the 1st edition of the Mirova Sustainable Infrastructure Investing Forum.

> Main topics

Driving the case for Infrastructure Investing:

  • Keynote speech: Delivering on sustainable infrastructure for sustainable development
  • Panel discussion: Setting sustainability standards for better infrastructure development and financing – A multi-stakeholder perspective
  • Case study: Impact measurement in practice – Mirova’s approach to impact and carbon footprint assessment of infrastructure projects

> Venue Châteauform’ City George V – 28 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris

> Contact communication-mirova@mirova.com

14:00 > 21:00
Infrastructure Day Natixis

Conference and Cocktail

Natixis launched its 1st Infrastructure Day back in 2012. Our goal at the time was to increase investors’ awareness of what we believed was a specific asset class in its own right. Over the years, Natixis’ Infrastructure Day has become a major annual event for infrastructure debt investors.
What we are observing is that investors currently have significant amounts of liquidity to deploy while investment opportunities remain scarce. This is why we have decided to focus this 6th Infrastructure Day on the new frontiers of the Infrastructure asset class and we will be investigating new risk profiles, different geographies and new opportunities for investment.

> Main topics

    The Infrastructure new frontiers
  • Global 2018 economic forecast
  • Digitalization of the economy: a key driver of the development of telecom infrastructures
  • EDHEC infrastructure debt benchmark
  • Renewables : how to address increasing merchant risks
  • Update on Green bond market

> Venue The Westin Paris - Vendôme

> Contact infraday2017@natixis.com

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14:00 > 19:00
OECD High-level Roundtable on Financing
Investment in Sustainable Infrastructure



> Contact manuela.vitrella@oecd.org

18:00 > 21:30
HSBC Workshop on Green Finance

Conference / Cocktail

> Main topics

    Contributing to sustainable development is
  • For industrial companies and for banks
  • An ethical imperative which entails constraints but generates also business opportunities for whoever understands and embraces this evolution proactively as there are huge needs for large (infrastructure) and small investments in France and abroad.
  • The purpose of the conference is to show:
  • Where are the “green” markets, what it takes to win them and what is the strategy of HSBC in this area
  • Why green bonds are much more than a mere funding mechanism
  • And how very diverse categories of players can find their place in the green value chain
    • The international green infrastructure markets, their characteristics and how HSBC’s global strategy can help our clients to win business. Green bonds and their consequences on the business model and business relations of the issuer. How large corporates, SMEs, banks and asset managers can contribute to the green value chain.

    > Venue HSBC's headquarters at 109 Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris, meeting room Benjamin Rossier

    > Contact corinne.lacombe@hsbc.fr