Paris EUROPLACE is the professional body which supports the France-based financial services industry and promotes Paris as an international financial center. Paris EUROPLACE gathers and expresses positions of market players as it seeks to strengthen the attractiveness of the Paris financial marketplace, establish constructive relations with European Institutions in a global financial context, stimulate research and financial innovation, and promote these objectives internationally.


Chairman, PARIS EUROPLACE and Chairman of the Board, ENGIE

Gérard Mestrallet is a graduate of the French engineering school, École Polytechnique, and of École Nationale d’Administration. Having held various positions at the Treasury Department and on the staff of the Minister of Economy and Finance (J. Delors), Gérard Mestrallet joined Compagnie Financière de SUEZ in 1984. In 1991 he was named Chairman of the Management Committee of Société Générale de Belgique. In 1995, he became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Compagnie de SUEZ. Gérard Mestrallet was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ (now ENGIE) when SUEZ merged with Gaz de France on July 2008. Since May 3 2016, he is Chairman of the Board of ENGIE and Chairman of the Board of SUEZ. Gérard Mestrallet is Chairman of “Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion” (FACE). He is as well Chairman of Paris EUROPLACE.

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